Monday, December 22, 2008

Double Moss Rib Gauntlets

While trying to decide what to knit for my newly punk, 13-year-old granddaughter for Christmas, I combed the net looking at countless glove, mitten, fingerless mitten, and gauntlet patterns. None had everything that I wanted. I decided that I'd have to write my own pattern, which is posted below.

First I knit the gauntlets in a natural color of Cascade 220 Superwash wool yarn and plan on dying them black before I give them to Izzy. I really dislike knitting with black yarn, so this way I could see what I was doing and she still gets her fave black color. The pics below were taking before the dying. Later I will post photos of the gauntlets after dying them.

Below is the pattern I created:

Double Moss Rib Gauntlets


Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash (or other comparable worsted weight yarn), one skein any color.
Needles: Four each size 6 and 7 DPNs.
Size: 12 inches long, fits a ladies medium to large. To adjust size up or down, either increase or decrease the number of stitches using the 6+1 ratio for pattern, or go up or down a needle size.
Gauge: 18 st = 4 inches using size 7 DPNs.

Using size 7 DPNs, cast on 43 stitches. Arrange stitches on three needles as follows:
Needle 1: 12 st
Needle 2: 18 st
Needle 3: 13 st

Join, being careful not to twist.
Begin working pattern in the round.

Pattern stitch (multiple of 6 +1 st):
Round 1: *p1, k2* Repeat around, end with p1.
Round 2: Repeat round 1.
Round 3: *p1, k1* Repeat around, end with p1.
Round 4: Repeat round 3.

Repeat these four rounds until the cuff is 4 inches long.
Switch to size 6 DPNs.
Work in pattern stitch until piece is 9 inches long.

Thumb gusset:
Round 1: p1, PM, M1, PM, k2, *p1, k2* repeat around, ending with p1.
Round 2: Repeat round 1 of pattern stitch, slipping markers as you go.
Round 3: p1, sl marker, M1, p1, M1, sl marker, k1, *p1, k1* repeat around, end with p1.
Round 4: Repeat round 3 of pattern stitch, slipping markers as you go.

Repeat these four rows, working sts between the markers in single moss stitch (k1, p1. Each row after that knit the pearl sts and pearl the knit sts) until there are 15 sts between the markers. (58 sts)

P1, BO 15 sts, k2, *p1, k2* repeat around, ending with p1. (43 sts)

Join into round over thumb gusset. Pull first stitches fairly tight too minimize gap. You may have to go back after you are done and sew up the small hole that is left. Begin pattern stitch again, starting with round 2.
Work in pattern stitch until piece from end of thumb gusset bind-off is 1.5 inches long.

Bind off all stitches in pattern.
Work in ends.
Make another one the same as the first.
Wear and enjoy!

St(s) = Stitch(es)
DPN = Double-point needles
P = Pearl
K = Knit
PM = Place marker
M1 = Make one stitch (increase) by picking up the top loop between last stitch knitted and next stitch, placing it on the left needle, and knitting it.
Sl = Slip
BO = Bind off stitches
* * = Repeat the instructions that are between the two * the number of times indicated or to the end of the round.


Renna said...

Those are very pretty; thanks for sharing the pattern! I'll be curious to see them after being dyed black. What type dye did you use?

Tani said...

Thank You for sharing this pattern!!!

I am thinking about christmas presents already and this sounds like an awesome present for my little sister!